RB-Doors Since 1973
RB-Doors Since 1973

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Over 500 Designs, Painted, Ready To Install

Three Way Locking System Included

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Innovative Security
Protecting What Matters Most
Sold in Over 40 Countries
Protect What Matters Most
Protecting What Matters Most
Sold in Over 40 Countries
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Since conception, RB-DOORS set forth to dominate the door industry, establishing new standards for security, quality, visionary thinking and cutting edge technology. The constant pursuit of innovation has resulted in the registration of multiple security patents and trademarks, highlighting the originality and authenticity of the doors. The success of our product can be recognised in our impressive achievement of the sale of over 4 million doors.


Our commitment to innovation is also applied to technology. RB-DOORS maintains state of the art production lines, enabling maximum precision with required dimensions, utilisation of materials which increase the quality of the product & the security of the door, the development of advanced lock mechanisms and more. Our innovation is further reflected in the continuous creative & meticulous design development of our steel doors. RB-DOORS launches a new collection of exclusive models every year.

That's Not a Security Door. This is a Security Door

Innovative Security
Exclusive to RB-Doors

Door Structure

Security Door Structure

Security Doors… Think RB-Doors

Steel Security Entry Doors to Suit Your Budget


We boast a wide selection of innovative finishes new to the door industry and exclusive to RB-Doors


Faux Fabric Finish, Shiny Finish for a Modern Look, Faux Wood Finish and more!

How Good Do They Look…
Over 500 Steel Security Door Designs

Double Security Door

Count The Savings!
Prices Include Everything You Need
Ready To Install

Multi Locking System

Three Way Locking System

High Security Keys

3 of Our Amazing Design Keys

Powder Coated Paint

Over 500 Designs Available

Door Frame

Supplied With Metal Frames

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Full List of Styles and Designs

Download Catalogue

Full List of Styles and Designs
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